Russian Railways

English: Car of "Terapevt Mudrov" (t...

English: Car of “Terapevt Mudrov” (therapeutis Mudrov) hospital train of JSC Russian Railways. Русский: Вагон передвижного консультационно-диагностического центра ОАО «РЖД» «Терапевт Мудров». (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Russian Railways is among the companies in Iskander Makhmudov‘s enterprise.

Opened: 1992

Headquarters: Novaya Basmanaya 2, Moscow


According to the company’s website:

Key Facts & Figures: Russian Railways

  • The second largest network in the world with 85,200 km of track – 43,100 km of which are electrified
  • Carries over 0.95 billion passengers and 1.2 billion tonnes of freight annually across 11 time zones
  • Responsible for 42,3% of Russia’s total freight traffic (including pipelines) and more than 32,7% of passenger traffic
  • Employs over 976,116 people
  • A major contributor to the fast-growing Russian economy
  • Assets worth over 3189.9 billion roubles
  • Russia’s fourth-largest company by revenue – over 1195.1 billion roubles for 2010 (according IFRS)
  • Rolling stock includes:
    • 20,227 goods and passenger locomotives
    • 1,026,600 goods wagons

Services and Infrastructure

  • Freight transportation
  • Long-distance passenger transport
  • Suburban passenger transport
  • Infrastructure services
  • Locomotive propulsion services
  • Repair and maintenance of rolling stock
  • Building infrastructure
  • Research and development


  • State-owned joint-stock company
  • One of Russia’s most profitable companies – net income over RUB 78.5 billion in 2010

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