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According to Russia & CIS Business and Financial Newswire, “Iskander Makhmudov . . . is the most generous employer among Russia’s [companies] . . .” It was also reported, “Iskander Makhmudov . . . already started . . . a truly large and systemic work . . . [for] . . . charity organizations . […]

International Space Services

Russia’s Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) plans to coordinate international sapce activities with other national space agencies, such as the European Space Agency. In 2011, Roskosmos announced plans to promote Russian launch services to other countries. Many companies within Russia already work in the foreign market space. International Space Services, which is owned by Ural Mining […]

Future Investments

According to Russia & CIS Business & Financial Daily, Mr. Makhmudov will budget approximately 60 billion rubles in 2013 for investments. “We’re signing contracts for next year, and have started budgeting. The average copper prices will be around $8,000 a tonne in 2012. We’re hoping it stays at that level next year. We’re also planning […]

Ural Mining – More Information

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company Krasnobrodskaya-Koksovaya In 2011, RusBusinessNews reported that UMMC had commissioned a new coal processing factory. The factory is known as Krasnobrodskaya-Koksovaya. UMMC invested 3.3 billion rubles into the project. According to the article, the factory will process 3 million tons of coal each year.[21] Tyumen Steel Mill In July 2012, Metal […]

In the news: Former Rosnedra CWO joins TransMashHolding board of directors

(reprinted with permission) Anatoly Ledovskikh has joined the board of directors at CJSC TransMashHolding after being selected by TMH’s parent company The Breakers Investments on Thursday. Ledovskikh is the former head of Russia’s Subsurface Resources Agency and will replaceLLC Volei Sports Service Chief Executive Yevgeny Smirnov, Interfax reports. The board’s other 10 members will continue […]